About In the Flow Studios Arts

We believe that art in its many styles and

disciplines is essential for a balanced and

enriching life. At In the Flow Studios Arts

our mission is to highlight as many artists

and art-forms as possible and to share

them with the public. We hope to inspire

the young and the young-at-heart alike to

fall in love with art.

In the Flow Studios Ars is dedicated to the artist. Artists help awaken our senses and open our minds to possiblity. They shed light where there is darkness and hold us accountable for our realities as well as our dreams. 

With budget cuts to many arts programs in schools, we feel it's our responsibility to reach out to art-lovers and to give back to artists. The internet gives us the ability to reach artists and art-lovers all over the world in the hopes of inspiring them to "follow their bliss". 

"The artist is the true seer and prophet of his century, the justifier of life and as such, of course, a revolutionary far more fundamental in his penetration of the social mask of his day than any fanatic idealist spilling blood over the pavement in the name simply of another unnatural mask."
Joseph Campbell, The Inner Reaches of Outer Space

Open Mic Nights

Our Open Mic Nights are focused on

providing a nurturing, creative and safe

environment for artists to share new concepts

or work out new material. Our focus is on

collaboration through inspiration for artists of

different disciples, cultures and genres to

share their craft. 

We host singers, musicians, poets, writers,

storytellers, performing artists, dancers, comedians and have a small gallery space for visual artists. We host professional artists as well as encourage artists to share for the first time.

Open Mic's are only open to participating artists and guests by invitation only. We keep these events intimate so that artists can feel free to experiment and explore. It's about creating a space that is safe to bear the artistic soul. 

Once the scheduled performances are completed for the evening musicians and dancers are welcome to have an open jam session. We encourage artists to collaborate as well as to step outside the box and find new perspectives. 

We set the PM hours of our Open Mic Night to reflect that there will be some works that may not be suitable for younger artists. It is a mature teen and adult event.

HeArts Making a Difference

Artists are some of the greatest humanitarians around. They're all about giving back and paying it forward. We've had the honor of hosting Arts Open House fundraisers for the past six years. Our biggest success to date was the One Love Arts Fundraiser for Women for Women International, co-hosted by Kathy Araneta-Delfin. We had over 40 visual and performing artists participate and raised $5,000 for the women of the D.R. Congo. 

We are happy to help non-profits and individuals trying to make the world a better place. If you need talent or art for an upcoming fundraiser or an event to raise awareness please contact us. We will do what we can to connect you with talented artists that want to lend a helping hand to your cause. 


Arts Open House

Our Arts Open Houses are

not typical art shows. We combine

visual and performing arts.

We invite veteran artists as well

as encourage some to share

for the first time. The focus is on

the artist; art appreciation,

collaboration and inspiration.

These events are about sharing

art in as many different disciplines and mediums as possible. It’s all about the "heart work" and creating a venue that both nurtures and inspires artists and art lovers. 

These events are open to art-lovers of all ages. Here we give artists the opportunity to share their art in a supportive and encouraging environment. We have no art critics, only art lovers. 

Our shows have been graced with professional talent from all over the world. Check out our blog to learn about some of the artists we have hosted and enjoy some of our performing arts clips. We encourage you to follow those artists that inspire you on their blogs, websites or social media pages. 

In the Flow Studios Arts